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My Fan-Fic 2

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My Fan-Fic 2

Post by Mau on Tue May 06, 2008 12:30 pm

Here's Chapter 2!!!!

Please comment!!!!

The Childhood Friend: 2

Kitsune and Sasuke Fan Fiction
(Kitsune is a made up character by me.)

Friend Meets Friend

Kitsune walks thorugh the Konoha gates.

Kitsune is now walking on the streets of Konoha. Few steps later, a little Ramen shop catches her eye. She thought to herself, "I should get a part time job! I can earn money and buy medicine for grandpa. I can also rent an apartment."

She passes the Ramen shop and continues walking. She hasn't been to Konoha yet so she was thrilled to see the sights. She was walking while looking at the sights not minding who's infront of her.

She accidentaly bumps into a boy. "Gomenasai!", Kitsune bowed in giving apology. The boy turns and looks at Kitsune. Kitsune looked at the boy.

She saw a raven haired boy with deep black eyes.

"Sa-Sa-Sas..." she covered her mouth to avoid saying his name. "Gomenasai!!! Gomenasai!!! Gomenasai!!!". Kitsune said repeatedly, and ran swiftly to the Konoha Ninja School.

"Hmph." Sasuke said without emotion.

--Inside the Academy Classroom--

The students enter the classroom.

Sasuke takes a seat. Sakura and Ino arrived arguing about who gets to sit beside Sasuke. Sasuke ignores them. Finally both girls stops fighting. Ino takes a seat at the higher desk behind Sasuke. Sakura walks near Sasuke. "Sasuke-kun can I sit next to you?" Sakura said blushing. "Do whatever you want." Sasuke replied without emotion. Naruto sees Sakura, and sits next to her. Sakura makes an annoyed face.

The students are all seated. Suddenly Umino, Iruuka, their teacher comes in the classroom. "Okay students! We have a new genin joining us today." Iruuka-sensei proudly tells the students. " You can come in now. " Iruuka-sensei asks the new genin to come in with a smile on his face. The door opens. "Welcome!" Iruuka-sensei said cheerfully. "Hai! Arigatoh!" Kitsune replied. Sasuke looks at the new student. "Her face seems familiar.", Sasuke thought, "She's the girl I bumped into earlier outside." "Why don't you introduce yourself?" Iruuka-sensei asked. " Hai!", Kitsune said cheerfully, " Hi everyone! Call me Tachikawa! That's my last name!". Naruto suddenly stood up and asked, "HEY! WHAT ABOUT YOUR FIRST NAME!?". "It's a secret..." Kitsune said smiling. Naruto sat down with an annoyed face.

"You may take your seat now Tachikawa-chan.""Hai! Arigatou! Iruuka-sensei!" Kitsune took her seat on a vacant chair beside Sasuke. Kitsune looks at Sasuke and says, "Hi! I've seen you before! At the streets!". "What's your name?" Kitsune asks pretending not to know. "Mmm. Uchiha, Sasuke." Sasuke answered without emotion. Kitsune giggles. "Call me Tachikawa-chan!" she said with a smile. "Um. Tachikawa-chan." once again Sasuke said with out emotion.

They were looking at each other. Kitsune smiling and Sasuke with a straight face.
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Re: My Fan-Fic 2

Post by admin on Tue May 06, 2008 5:12 pm

lol.. I already read this and it's weird..

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