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My Fan-Fic 4

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My Fan-Fic 4

Post by Mau on Tue May 06, 2008 12:35 pm

Here's Chapter 4!!!

Please comment...

The Childhood Friend: 4

Kitsune and Sasuke Fan Fiction
(Kitsune is a character made by me.)

I'm Starting To Like You

It was another day. 7:00am to be exact.

Kitsune was walking to the Ramen Shop she saw yesterday. She thought of having a part time job.

She's living with Sayuri until she gets the money to rent her own apartment. Sayuri was born with a rich family that's why she had her own apartment.

Kitsune enters the Ramen Shop and finds a blonde haired boy with an orange jacket and pants. It was Naruto. "Naruto-kun! Hi!" Kitsune greeted him with a smile. " Oi! Tachikawa-chan. Ohayo." Naruto replied while slurpping noodles from the bowl. "So you like ramen huh?" Kitsune started conversation. "Yeah! I LOVE it!" Naruto replied with a big smile on his face. "Hmm. I see." Kitsune answers. "I'm going get a part time job. I'm gonna work here." Kitsune informed. "Um? Really!" Naruto said with a gasp. "Yeah! I'm gonna need some money for an apartment." Kitsune answered not mentioning her grandfather. "Oh.I See. I can help you get the job! I'm close to the guy who owns this place." Naruto said pointing to the man who owns the ramen shop. "HEY OLD MAN!" Naruto shouted to the man. The man twitched in hearing Naruto. "What is is Naruto-kun?" the man said smiling. "My friend needs a part time job." Naruto informed the man while pointing to Kitsune. "Oh! What is you name young lady?" the man asked Kitsune. "Ohayo. My name is Tachikawa!" Kitsune answered bowing her head. "Tachikawa-chan, since you're a friend of Naruto here, I'm going to hire you right now." the man said patting Naruto's head. "Hai!" Kitsune bowed. "Arigatoh Naruto-kun!" Kitsune hugged Naruto to show thanks. Naruto blushed a little "Heheh. No problem Tachikawa-chan." Naruto said scratching his nose. " To show my thanks, I'm gonna order 5 more Ramen bowls for you Naruto-kun!" Kitsune said smiling. "REALLY!? WAAHAHAA! TACHIKAWA-CHAN! I THINK I LOVE YOU!!!" Naruto shouted teary eyed. Kitsune laughs knowing what Naruto said about he loves her is a joke.

---Ninja Academy---

All the students are in the classroom.

They were seated on their same chairs as yesterday.

The class started. Kitsune enters the room. Naruto and Sasuke sees her enter. Kitsune sat on her seat beside Sasuke. Naruto transferred to the vacant chair beside Kitsune. " Tachikawa-chan! Thanks again for the ramen!" Naruto said smiling at Kitsune. "No problem Naruto-kun!" Kitsune answered also smiling. "You helped me get a part time job anyway." Kitsune continued. "

"You got a part time job?" Sasuke asked, hearing their conversation. "Yeah! I helped her get the job! She's working in my favorite ramen shop." Naruto answered his hands on Kitsune's shoulders. Kitsune just smiled. "Um." Sasuke said with a straight face.

---After class outside the school building---

Sasuke is walking with Naruto.

"You know what Sasuke, Tachikawa-chan is not half bad. She's better than Sakura. Sakura keeps on punching me. But Tachikawa-chan always buys ramen for me." Naruto said smiling with his hands at the back of his neck for his head to rest on. "Hmm. Sure whatever." Sasuke said slighty blushing hard for Naruto to see. "Say! Why don't we pay Tachikawa-chan a visit? I'm sure she'll give us free ramen!" Naruto informed. Sasuke followed Naruto to the ramen shop.

---Ramen Shop---

"TACHIKAWA-CHAAAN!" Naruto shouted entering the shop. "Naruto-kun! Konichiwa!" Kitsune turned to him serving a bowl of ramen to a costumer. Sasuke entered ramen shop not saying anything. "Sasuke-kun. Your here too." Kitsune said walking towards Naruto. "Are you guys here for ramen?" Kitsune asked. "Yeah Kitsune-chan. The usual please!" Naruto said smiling. "What about you Sasuke-kun?" Kitsune asked Sasuke putting her finger on his nose. "I-I'd like to have what Naruto is having." Sasuke said blushing. "Okay then guys! Find a spot!" Kitsune said smiling and putting her hands behind her back.

Kitsune turns around and headed to the kitchen. "TACHIKAWA-CHAN!" Naruto shouted to her. Kitsune turns to them again. "YOU LOOK GOOD IN YOUR UNIFORM!" Naruto continued smiling and slightly blushing. Sasuke looks at Kitsune and sees her in the uniform. He just noticed it now. He turned red. She actually looked good in the uniform. Kitsune was wearing a black offshoulder short dress. The dress was just above her knees but a little higher. She's wearing a white apron over the dress. She's also wearing a maid-like hat.

A few minutes later. Kitsune comes out of the kitchen with Naruto and Sasuke's ramen. She was holding the tray with one hand. " Naruto-kun! Sasuke-kun! Here's your order!" Kitsune arrived at their table. Kitsune places their orders on the table. "Naruto-kun? Where's Sasuke-kun?" Kitsune asked looking for Sasuke. "Oh Sasuke had to use the restroom." Naruto answered slurpping his ramen. "Oh okey then." Kitsune replied. "TACHIKAWA-CHAN!" the man who owns the ramen shop called out to her. "Can you put this mop back at the closet near the restrooms?" the man ordered Kitsune. Kitsune took the mop and headed to the restrooms. She was dragging the mop so the mop left water trails. Kitsune puts the mop back in the closet. When she started to walk she slipped because of the water trail the mop left behind. "KYA!!!" She fell to the ground on her back. "Itai..." Kitsune whispered. She can't stand up for she had a really rough fall. Sasuke suddenly comes out of the restroom and also slipped. "Huuwah!" Sasuke shouted as he slipped. Sasuke fell to the ground. He didn't notice that he was leaning over Kitsune his eyes were closed. " S-Sa-Sasuke-kun?" Kitsune said blushing, knowing that they were in an awkward position. Sasuke opens his eyes. He now knows they were in an awkward position. He blushed and swiftly stood up. "G-Gomenasai Tachikawa-chan." Sasuke said holding out a hand still blushing. Kitsune grabs Sasuke's hand and Sasuke helps her up. Kitsune straightens her dress and apron. "Your ramen is at the table. You better eat it now or Naruto will finish it up." Kitsune said smiling, with her hands behind her back, still blushing. "O-Okay." Sasuke replied still blushing and he walks to their table.

Kitsune walks to the counter and talked to one of her co-workers. Sasuke was looking at her while slurpping his ramen. Kitsune was laughing. Her smile was so beautiful. Sasuke blushed in seeing the scene.

---Uchiha Mansion---

Sasuke is in his room sitting on the side of his bed.

He was thinking about Kitsune.

"Tachikawa-chan..." he whispered to himself.

He then shook his head. " Why can't I take her out of my mind?!" he thought.

"Could it be, that I'm starting to like Tachikawa-chan?" Sasuke said his head resting on his hands.
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Re: My Fan-Fic 4

Post by admin on Tue May 06, 2008 5:15 pm

I think sasuke's starting to go to puberty
he's having lust! Exclamation

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