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My Fan-Fic 5

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My Fan-Fic 5

Post by Mau on Tue May 06, 2008 12:36 pm

Here's Chapter 5!!!

Please comment...

The Childhood Friend: 5

Kitsune and Sasuke Fan Fiction
(Kitsune is a made up character by me.)

The Second Kiss

In the Uchiha Mansion. It was 9:00pm.

Sasuke is looking at a picture of a raven haired 6 year old boy and girl.

In the picture the girl is grabbing the boy's shirt and kissing him on the lips. The boy looks surprised, his eyes was wide open.

"Kitsune-chan..." Sasuke whispered. "My first love. My first kiss." Sasuke continued with a smirk on his face remembering the memory.


It was a flower field. Two 6 year olds are running and laughing. One was a boy one was a girl. They were with their parents. They were playing in the flower field.

Few minutes later. The boy found a pretty flower. He ran to girl near the adults.

"Kitsune-chan, Kitsune-chan," he called the girl tapping her shoulder. The girl turns to him. "Here, take it, it's for you Kitsune-chan." the boy said blushing. The adults can actually see them. They don't mind at all because they were just kids.

"Huwah! Pretty!" the girl accepted the flower and she was very delighted. The boy looked down to the grass blushing. Suddenly the girl spoke. "Sasuke-kun?" "Eh?" the boy lifted his head for him to see the girl. The girl suddenly grabbed his shirt and kisses his lips. The boy's eyes widened. The adults saw what they were doing. They thought it was cute so they took a picture of it. They took the camera out and took the picture. *FLASH*


The flash cut off Sasuke's flash-back.

He then placed the picture on his desk and went to bed.

---The next morning---

It was the weekend so there was no school.

Sasuke was just waking up when suddenly somebody shouted from outside the window.

"SASUKE!!!" it was Naruto. Sasuke peeped out the window and sees Naruto with Sakura and Kitsune. "Want to go hang out?" Naruto asked him shouting. Sasuke nodded with a straight face. Few minutes he opened the door and exited the house. "Where to anyway?" Sasuke asked Naruto with no emotion. "There's a new amusement park!" Sakura said grabbing Sasuke's arm. Kitsune slightly twitched in seeing the scene. Sasuke saw her reaction but didn't say anything. "I got 4 free tickets! And these tickets are special! We get free rides and free food!" Naruto said with a big smile. "I want all of us to go." Naruto continued and suddenly grabbed Kitsune's hand. "Tachikawa-chan let's go!" Naruto said smiling at her and holding her hand. "H-Hai!" Kitsune replied blushing. Sasuke twitched. "Sasuke-kun, let's go?" Sakura said holding on to his arm.

---At the amusement park---

"WHOA!" Naruto gasped. "Tachikawa-chan let's go there!" Naruto said pointing to a game booth. "Hai!" Kitsune replied giggling. Naruto was still holding her hand. Sasuke was actually jealous. "C'mon Sasuke-kun. We should go with them." Sakura said pulling Sasuke.

Naruto tossed a ring and it landed on a bottle. "YEAH! I'm good!" Naruto shouted proudly. Naruto then pointed to a blue teddy bear on the shelf. The booth owner took the bear from the shelf and gave it to Naruto. " Here you Tachikawa-chan." Naruto said giving the bear to Kitsune. "Arigatoh Naruto-kun." Kitsune replied smiling. Sakura looked at Sasuke and thought, "I'm sure Sasuke-kun doesn't want to play games like these. It's too kiddieish." So Sakura didn't ask for Sasuke to play and win a prize for her.

"Hey guys! Let's go ride the ferriswheel!" Naruto said pointing to the ferriswheel. Kitsune looked scared. " I-I don't think I want to ride that." Kitsune said shivering. "Aww. Don't worry Tachikawa-chan. You can hold on to me while we're riding it." Naruto informed Kitsune putting his hand on her shoulder. Sasuke's hand turned into a fist.

So they went to the ferriswheel. Four people can fit in one seat. So four of them rode the ferris wheel together.

It was now 7:00pm and they had to go home. Sakura and Naruto went to the same direction, for their homes are at the same street. Kitsune and Sasuke's house is also in the same street but not Naruto and Sakura's street.

---Konoha Streets---

Sasuke and Kitsune are walking on the streets. The street lights were open. It was a moment of silence.

Sasuke suddenly spoke. "Tachikawa-chan. Can I walk you home?" Sasuke said looking away for Kitsune not to see him blushing. "Sure. Why not." Kitsune replied smiling.

So Sasuke and Kitsune arrived at Kitsune's apartment. "Thanks for accompanying me Sasuke-kun." Kitsune said smiling. Sasuke blushed. looking away. Kitsune was unlocking the door when suddenly, "Tachikawa-chan..." Sasuke spoke. Kitsune turns to Sasuke, and the moment she turned, Sasuke grabbed her by the waist and kissed her lips. Kitsune's eyes widened. Sasuke's eyes were closed. After a while Sasuke broke the kiss. He was looking down. He then walked away not looking back at Kitsune to see her reaction.

Kitsune was in shock. Her eyes was wide open. She gently thouches her lips. And blushed. She then turned back to the door and opened it. She then entered her apartment thinking about what just happened. " That was my second kiss. From the same boy."

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Re: My Fan-Fic 5

Post by admin on Tue May 06, 2008 5:16 pm

eew.. this is the grossest chapter I tell yeeh!

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