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My Fan-Fic 6

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My Fan-Fic 6

Post by Mau on Tue May 06, 2008 12:41 pm

Here's Chapter 6!!!

Please comment...

The Childhood Friend: 6

A Kitsune and Sasuke Fan Fiction
(Kitsune is a made up character by me)

"Don't Stay Away"

~~Inside Kistune's Apartment~~

In Kitsune's bedroom it was dark.

The light from the lamp is the only thing giving off light.

Kitsune was sitting on her bed, hugging her knees.

Her blindfold was placed on a desk beside her bed.

Now this time you can see her eyes really wide open.

She was thinking of what just happened until Itachi appeared from the shadows.

"Kitsune...I saw what happened...You can't give in...control your emotions. If you lose your control, you'll blurt out everything." Itachi explained. "Shut up! Bastard! I can control my emotions. It's only a stupid kiss." Kitsune replied shouting. "Then why are you shaking and sweating so much?" Itachi asked with an evil smirk. "Don't forget about the deal...don't let him know you're you." Itachi continued. "I'm not stupid, Bastard. I'll stay away from him then." Kitsune replied hugging her knees. " I can survive you calling me a bastard, but can you survive staying away from my little brother?" Itachi whispered with a smirk. Kitsune didn't reply and just hugged her knees tighter. Itachi laughed a little and disappeared behind the shadows. "aho..." Kitsune whispered to herself. She then turned the lamp off and went to bed.

~~Morning 8:00 at the Ninja Academy~~

"Tachikawa-chan! Ohayo!" Naruto greeted Kitsune. Kitsune just waved back smiling. "Oi. Naruto-kun, can we change seats? Sit next to Sasuke please?" Kitsune whispered to Naruto. "Um? Why?" Naruto asked with curiosity. "I just want to stay away from him as possible." Kitsune replied looking down. Naruto looked worried and stood up from his chair and transferred to the chair where Kitsune was supposed to sit. "Here you go Tachikawa-chan..." Naruto said still worried. "Arigatoh Naruto-kun." Kitsune replied smiling to show Naruto that she's okay and sits. Sasuke arrived inside the classroom looking around, hoping to find Kitsune. He found Kitsune sitting on Naruto's seat. He thought Kitsune transferred because he just kissed her that night. "Maybe I pissed her off." Sasuke thought walking to his seat. Kitsune just sat there looking away. Sasuke let off a big sigh.

Iruka finally arrived inside the classroom and told the students that they'll have target practice outside. All the students went outside.

~~Outside, Training Grounds~~

There were logs with target signs attached to them. The students were waiting for Iruka's orders to start training. "Students! We only prepared few targets so I'll assign partners for each target." Iruka announced to the students.

Here are the partners:

Ino and Chouji
Temari and Shikamaru
Hinata and Kiba
Shino and Kankuro(Haha yaoi! joke)
Neji and Ten ten
Gaara and Sayuri
Naruto and Sakura
Sasuke and Tachikawa

"I've assigned you to your partners, now pick a target and hit it with you shrikens. I'll be at the teachers lounge to do...uh...things. Kye!kye!kye!" Iruka announced laughing slyly.

The students then started target practice.

Kitsune got 3 shuriken blades and threw it to the target. "HIYAH!!!" Every shuriken threw hit the bull's eye. "Nice shot." Sasuke complimented, to start a coonversation. Kitsune pretended not to hear and continued hitting the target. Suddenly a whistle was heared. It was the signal to change. "Your turn." Kitsune told Sasuke not looking at him and with a strainght face. Sasuke nodded. And started throwing shurikens. Kitsune just sat there, her arms crossed and looking away. Sasuke felt akward and continued throwing shurikens.

Hours past, target practice finally ended...


"Class dismissed!" Iruka announced. All the students hurriedly ran outside. Naruto was about to go out of the classroom when he told Kitsune,"Tachikawa-chan! I'll meet you at the bench out side!" "Yeah! Meet you there Naruto-kun." Kitsune replied back waving and smiling. Naruto smiled back and ran out. Sasuke and Kitsune are the only two people inside the room. Kitsune was silent. Sasuke was starring at her with a straight face. "You can leave now." Kitsune told Sasuke while fixing her things. Sasuke stayed silent sitting there, with crossed arms. "I want to talk to you." Sasuke said looking at Kitsune. Kitsune was still fixing her things, "What the hell would you want to talk about?" "A-about last night." Sasuke replied looking away blushing. Kitsune paused for a while and closed her rucksack. "That night, I-I-I..." Sasuke said still blushing. "You kissed me..." Kitsune continued not looking at Sasuke. Sasuke felt his heart racing. Kitsune puts on her backpack and walks past Sasuke's desk. She was about to leave when Sasuke suddenly grabbed her arm. "Tachikawa!" Sasuke shouted looking down, still grabbing Kitsune's arm. "WHAT?!LET GO OF ME AHO!" Kitsune shouted back trying to get her arm lose. "Why are you avoiding me?" Sasuke whispered. Kitsune paused and looked away. Sasuke grabbed both Kitsune's shoulders and pushed her on the wall. "TELL ME! IS IT BEACAUSE I KISSED YOU?!" Sasuke cried out. "I-It's not that..." Kitsune replied. "Then what?!" Sasuke asked adding more pressure to her shoulders to make it hurt. "Sasuke that hurts!" Kitsune told Sasuke. "No! Tell me why? Tachikawa!" Sasuke still adding pressure. "SASUKE!!!!" Kitsune shouted with pain and slapped his face. Sasuke's face was red. "I JUST WANT TO STAY AWAY!!! I JUST WANT TO STAY AWAY! SO JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!" Kitsune cried out tears falling out of her eyes. Her blindfold was wet with tears. Kitsune hurriedly ran out of the classroom door. Sasuke was left inside. A few minutes, he looked out the window. He saw Kitsune running to Naruto. Naruto saw Kitsne crying and looked worried. Kitsune took her blindfold off and cupped her face in her hands. Sasuke twitched when he saw Kitsune take her blindfold off, but he didn't see what Kitsune's eyes were like, but Naruto did, so he was a bit jealous. Naruto hugged the crying Kitsune to comfort her and escorted her outside the campus.

~~Park 8:00 pm~~

Kitsune was sitting on the water fountain. There were least number of people because it was night time already. Sasuke also arrived at the park and saw Kitsune sitting on the fountain alone. He slowly walked closely to Kitsune. He was standing beside Kitsune. Kitsune saw him and stood up and walked away. But before she could walk away, Sasuke grabbed her wrist. "Kitsune..." Sasuke whispered looking down. Kitsune was just looking at him. "Gomen..." Sasuke apologized and let go of her hand. "Yeah it's okay. I'll be going now." Kitsune said walking away. Before she could leave Sasuke hugged her (You know the kind of hug where the person you're hugging is turning back?). "Tachikawa...Don't..." Sasuke whispered to Kitsune's ear and till hugging her. "Don't what?!" Kitsune asked a bit pissed. "Don't, don't stay away..." Sasuke whispered once again to her ear and started crying. "I don't like this...I don't want you ignoring me...I want you to stay by my side...don't stay away." Sasuke said, hugging her tighter. She twitched. "Sa-sasuke..." she whispered. She held Sasuke's arms covering her and closed her eyes. "Fine...I'll stay with you...Sasuke-kun." Kitsune said smiling and and started to cry.
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Re: My Fan-Fic 6

Post by admin on Tue May 06, 2008 5:17 pm

uhh.. this is the lamest part ever!

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